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When the man woke up the next morning, the woman had already gone but, by the bedside table was a $20 bill and a note that read, “With my compliments, take this money and go out and buy a pair of shoes that fit you Owiaks And Masseur Hot. “
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Not being pregnant, she wanted the baby with all her heart, but she
had gained a lot of weight over the last couple of months and felt that she was
ugly, As we pulled into the small movie theater,
her eyes lit up as she saw the marquee….

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“ what was that Steve?” “Nothing I said I forgot to bring the toy deer” “oh that’s fine don’t worry about it you can bring it next time, would you like to stay and chat a bit Steve?, been a long time since we talked plus it’s kind of lonely in this house without Jim” ,“yeah sure Elizabeth I would love to keep you company”, they sat down on the sofas and talked as they talked Steve saw that Elizabeth who was sitting opposite him legs were parted just enough for him to catch a glimpse of her sweet shaved pussy they talked for a good hour all the while Steve quickly shooting glances at her cunt and her big pink nipples that showed through her tight white blouse which also showed off the shape of her big tits noticed that Elizabeth was touching her breasts lightly occasional ”Is everything okay Elizabeth? You seem to be uncomfortable”, “well remember when I said I was about to breast pump?, well I never got the chance to alleviate the pressure, do you mind if I use the breast pump?”, “sure no problem, I’ve never actually seen it done, would be interested to see it”, “oh thank you Steve normally Jim Is grossed out by it” she said as she unbuttoned her blouse letting her massive breasts fall out, she picked up the breast pump and started pumping the milk from her left breast, “wow Elizabeth you have some nice breasts”,*blushing* “thanks Steve, it’s just the pregnancy that gave me these breasts, they will be gone in 6 months, do you want to take a closer look Steve?” , “you sure?, yeah I would love to” Steve kneeled down next to Elizabeth and watched her pump the milk, “do you like that Steve?” , “yeah” Steve said as he stared at her big round pink nipples, “ have you ever tasted breast milk before Steve?”, “well no Janice never let me she said it was gross” “well if you want you can try it Steve I don’t mind” “ would love to Elizabeth” Steve took her right nipple in his mouth and started sucking, “unghh Steve I meant from the bottle, mmmmm never mind that’s amazing Oh Fuck!, don’t stop suck harder Steve, Oh Drain me baby, Steve sucked harder and let his hand wander down to her thighs, he put his hand between her legs and stroked her pussy, “OH FUCK Steve SUCK ME HARDER!!” Steve sucked and licked her nipple as he slid two fingers into her pussy as she spread her legs and leaned back on the sofa, “yes finger fuck me Steve” he slid his fingers in and out faster making her moan and pant flicking his tongue over her nipple and tasting her sweet milk “mmmmm! Oh god Steve finger fuck me harder” Steve slammed his two fingers in and out of her pussy while he bit gently on her nipples and rubbed her round stomach with his other hand “Steve I need your cock now!!! Give it to me” she got on her knees and unzipped his pants and pulled out his 10 inch cock “wow if I knew you were hiding this piece of meat I would have fucked you earlier, Jim’s cock s tiny compared to yours” she straddled his lap facing him and lined up her pussy with his cock head, she slowly slid the head into her pussy ”God Steve your cock is massive” she slid down his cock completely and moaned feeling his cock inside of her “ Elizabeth your so fucking tight” Steve groaned he grabbed her hips and slowly started bouncing her up and down on his cock feeling his cock slide deep inside of her bouncing her faster and faster “Ohhhh my God Steve Fuck me harderrrr!” as Steve fucked her the phone began to ring “ he stopped and prepared to slide out when Elizabeth stopped him “no I want your cock in me wait a sec I’ll get rid of whoever It is” she stretched over and grabbed the phone with Steve’s cock still in her “ Hello, oh hi Jim, how are you?” she started slowly bouncing up and down on his cock “ohhhh that’s Great!!!, any meetings today” she chatted inanely with her as she fucked Steve “mmmm, What out of breath?, oh its nothing I just got off the treadmill” Steve smiled and slammed her down on his cock “unngghhh yyess!!, oh nothing honey I just beat my record on the treadmill” Steve sucked on her tits drinking her sweet milk “mmmm, okay honey I’ll call you tomorrow have a nice day” she hung up , fuck that was so hot, where were we?” Steve stood up and bent her over the sofa and slid his cock slowly into her pussy from behind “ unghhh fuck me hard Steve!! Slam it into me”, Steve obliged slamming his cock in and out of her tight pussy his balls slapping against her the room filled with her moaning and the slapping sound “cum in me baby, fill me up!” Steve grunted and slammed his cock deep into her and exploded cum deep inside her, her moaning as she came was incredible they collapsed on the sofa his cock still inside of her exhausted, Steve looked at his watch “oh shit!, I have to go Janice will be home soon”, “mm ok but we have to do this again you cock is incredible, I’ll call you later, “I can’t wait until next time babe, Click here. This is my first story, so please don't judge too harshly, i would appreciate feedback and reccomendations

Steve was at home on a Saturday relaxing after a long week at work, he was finally slipping into a nice sleep when a piercing ring sounded in his ears, he was jerked out of his sleep by his wife calling him, “hi Janice what’s up” he said as he picked up the phone “Steve I forgot to take a box of baby stuff over to Elizabeth seeing since she is pregnant and we don’t need them anymore, do you mind taking them over”, “sure thing honey no problem” , “ thank you Steve and maybe when you get home you can take your big dick and let me thank you”, feeling his dick rising in his pants “ looking forward to it honey” Steve hung up slightly disappointed by the fact that his stress free day had gone to shit, he went to the kitchen and picked up the box and set out towards Elizabeth’s house, who lived across the road, he rang the doorbell and waited outside for about two minutes, the door was finally opened by a pregnant Elizabeth who was hurriedly buttoning up a shirt, “Sorry Steve I was about to breast pump, I had to find a shirt”, “it’s no problem Elizabeth, I don’t have to be anywhere, Janice took the kids out for the day” said Steve who was just happy to catch a glimpse of Elizabeth’s surprisingly prominent cleavage catching a glimpse of her big pink puffy nipples the he forgot completely about the box in his hands and dropped the box “oh god sorry Elizabeth” he bent down to pick up the box when he looked up he caught a glimpse up Elizabeth’s skirt and saw she wasn’t wearing panties he froze staring at her bald tight pussy, Elizabeth could not see his face because of her stomach “you okay Steve ?” “yeah I’m fine Elizabeth I just brought some stuff over that Janice said would help with your pregnancy”, “Oh god Steve you’re a lifesaver, I needed some of the stuff she sent me, come in I I’ll show you where to put it” as Steve walked in he couldn’t help noticing that Elizabeth was looking fucking sexy with her short skirt and white blouse with her baby bump beginning to really show, “how far along are you?”, “oh, 3 months, been tough especially with Jim being gone a lot on Business trips, you can just put the box in the living room”

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